Salsa Dancing and Zumba fitness classes in Dublin
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What is Salsa?

Salsa is a great Latin dance full of spins and excitement. It is danced with a partner, though you don’t need to bring your own, as we rotate couples in the class. Salsa is also a great way to socialise. We make the classes lighthearted and fun, giving you time to introduce yourself to each partner and we encourage you to work together to get the move and have a bit of a laugh while doing so.

What is a Salsa Class Like?

First, I lead a warm-up in which people face the front and practice some steps which I demonstrate beforehand.   Then, people move into couples to practice the steps as a couple.  I’ll talk you through the leading and following of each move as well as the steps, and we practice slowly, then with the music, alternating throughout the class.  By the end of the class you will be able to do a short routine.

You may or may not ave come with a partner, but either way we rotate people around the class so you get to know the other people in the class.

salsa dance

Details of Salsa Classes

I would like to thank the salsa community for all your support and enthusiasm over the years but it’s time for Danzon to come to an end.  With my family commitments and other business ambitions it is time for me to move on.

Danzon classes will be finishing up this July ’16 as follows:

Tuesday 5/7 – salsa at the Turk’s Head
Tuesday 12/7 – salsa at the Turk’s Head (last)

Tuesdays at the Turk’s Head, Dublin 2.

7pm – Salsa for Beginners
8pm – Salsa for Improvers

One class €10/ €8 students
Second class during the same evening, €5.

Previous Experience

Beginners – no experience necessary
Improvers – 6 weeks or equivalent
Intermediates – 6 months or equivalent

salsa dance


One class – EU10 
No booking required, just pay on the door.