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Danzon Dance Cards: Important Information

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Want to use your expired Danzon dance card at the Garda Club?…

I stopped running Strictly Salsa at the Garda Club on 18th July and Mike and Mark from Salsa School took it over. The dance cards for 6 classes have a 3-month expiry, so the last one will have expired on 18th October.  Mike and Mark have been kindly accepting them since, for a two-month grace period, but that is about to come to an end.  This Thursday 19th December is the last time you will be able to use a Danzon dance card at the Garda club (the Strictly Salsa Christmas Party).

If you have a card that has expired, you can still use it at the other Danzon classes (salsa at the Turk’s Head and zumba at Dublin Central Mission).  If there are exceptional circumstances why you have been unable to use the card, please get in touch with me directly and we can sort something out.

If you have a card that is still in date, for some reason, get in touch and I will be happy to help organise a refund.


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