Salsa Dancing and Zumba fitness classes in Dublin
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About Danzon

logo_best_national_instructor_smallDanzon is a team of salsa and zumba dance teachers led by Hilary Hooks. Hilary has over 15 years of dance teaching experience and won awards for Best National Instrucotr and Best Dublin Instructor  in the Irish Salsa Awards in 2011 (the only year that they ran).

The approach of Danzon with salsa is to bring people together to have fun and learn to dance in a friendly and encouraging space. We love to dance and hope to inspire you with the same passion.

When it comes to zumba we aim to make you feel welcome whatever your previous dance or fitness experience. We want you to forget all the concerns of the day while you enjoy the music, work up a sweat and have a bit of a giggle.

Meet the Team



Hilary Hooks – salsa teacher, zumba instructor and salsa DJ


Catharine Mullally – salsa teacher


Ciaran Houlihan

Ciaran Houlihian – salsa teacher


Doreen McHale

Doreen McHale – Salsa Teacher


Gayle O'Brien

Gayle O’Brien – Salsa Teacher


Jennifer Brophy

Jennifer Brophy – Salsa Teacher


Kevin MacDevitt

Kevin MacDevitt – Salsa Teacher


Maggie Lee

Maggie Lee – Salsa and Zumba Teacher


Paul Byrne

Paul Byrne – Salsa Teacher










Paula Donnelly

Paula Donnelly – Salsa and Zumba Teacher

Tamara Houlihan

Tamara Houlihan – Salsa Teacher

Rui Cabral

Rui Cabral – Salsa Teacher

Sinead McGiolla

Sinead McGiolla – Salsa Teacher

Mark Elmore

Mark Elmore – Salsa Teacher and DJ

Karla Ballesteros

Karla Ballesteros

Mary Lee

Mary Lee – Salsa and Zumba Teacher

Naomi McElroy

Naomi McElroy – Salsa Teacher

Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee – Salsa Teacher